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Knights, Vikings and Samurai have generated a whole collective imaginary around them with hundreds, not to mention thousands, of books, movies, video games, plays and even songs in which they are protagonists. Their image is suggestive, evocative and epic. All of them have measured their forces in the toughest battlefields to try to achieve peace in their territories, but history has never wanted them to face each other, at least until now. In For Honor, these three famous factions come into conflict in a fantasy Middle Ages that has emerged after a great cataclysm.

To emerge victorious, we don’t just defend and attack. There is the possibility of dodging the blows by doing a somersault, breaking our enemy’s guard to hit him, making a combo that catches him off guard or running away if things get ugly. If we are surrounded by several enemies, we will most likely kiss the ground, especially if they are the strongest.

Duel and Brawl: 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2 best of five rounds. This is the easiest multiplayer mode and is used to level up. Here, strategy is fundamental and we must be very attentive to the actions of our rival to learn his way of fighting.

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In the coffee proposals was put the proposal of a prize to the jury of the wikiconcurso; it was already established. If you want to be part of the wikipedians grateful to the jury you can sign here Gerard Messages 03:24 1 Jun 2007 (CEST)

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En la literatura anglosajona, que está redescubriendo las ideas del filósofo y sociólogo Henri Lefebvre (1901-1991), o utilizándolas para desarrollar una nueva teoría del capitalismo y sus espacios (David Harvey, Edward Soja, etc.), este libro aparece como una obra original, y una verdadera exégesis de los escritos y declaraciones de Lefebvre sobre el espacio y la arquitectura, coqueteando a veces con la hermenéutica. Todo ello parece inscribir la obra de Stanek en la abundante literatura filosófica sobre el tema del espacio (véase el renovado interés por la obra de Heidegger entre los arquitectos y teóricos contemporáneos, tanto en Francia como en otros países), salvo por el hecho de que el autor trata de mantener cierta distancia con la figura del “Lefebvre filósofo”, prefiriendo en cambio hacer hincapié en el “Lefebvre sociólogo del trabajo de campo”. A diferencia de otras líneas de pensamiento filosófico, la obra de Lefebvre sólo se conoce superficialmente en los círculos de la arquitectura, al menos en Francia. La publicación de este libro viene a colmar una laguna en la literatura arquitectónica de forma muy oportuna (en particular para los lectores franceses, para los que sería muy bienvenida una traducción).

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Of course, anarchists do not have to be practical by default. If we gain the freedom to run our own lives, we will probably come up with entirely new types of organization that improve on these tried and true forms. So let these stories be a starting point, and a challenge.

Autonomy and Horizontality: All people deserve the freedom to define and organize themselves on their own terms. Decision-making structures should be horizontal rather than vertical, so that no one can dominate anyone else; they should encourage the power to act freely rather than power over others. Anarchism opposes all coercive hierarchies, including capitalism, the state, white supremacy, and patriarchy.

Mutual Aid: People should help each other voluntarily; the bonds of solidarity and generosity form a stronger social glue than the fear inspired by laws, borders, prisons, and armies. Mutual aid is neither a form of charity nor a zero-sum exchange; both giver and receiver are equal and interchangeable. Since neither has power over the other, they increase their collective power by creating opportunities to work together.